Ok, so sometimes I get bored. Like if nothing happens for about two minutes. And when Jon gets bored, his mind begins to wonder…

On one of my bored wanderings I wondered if I might be able to get my TomTom GO 910 to say something unexpected. OK, I admit it, I wanted to hear it swear. A lot. Look, inside I’m only ten, ok?

So this is how I did it…

  1. go into the settings bit and look for the POI maintenance. This is where you can add individual points of interest, or even whole new categories of them.
  2. add a new POI category and call it whatever you want your TomTom to say
  3. add at least one Point of Interest to that category, either from your favourites or other POIs
  4. set up an audible alert for that category so it warns you when you’re nearing a Point of Interest. If you have a computer voice selected, it’ll say “blah blah blah in 350 yards”.

The best one I’ve come up with yet is the corner shop near my friend Joel’s house. Whenever I’m nearing, my TomTom proclaims rather eerily “Reality will cease to exist in 100 metres”.

Of course left alone with someone else’s TomTom you could wreak havoc and have them claiming demonic possession at the very least. Such mischief will ensue…

If you try this, let me know the best ones you’ve come up with!