My business partner and I both joined the EV revolution and bought fully electric vehicles. He’d been there for a couple of years already, having migrated gradually from diesel to hybrid to electric. We selected ChargedEV as our charger installer. They’d previously done a satisfactory job on Joel’s home charger and one at the office, so what could possibly go wrong?

The answer is everything. Apparently communication isn’t the company’s best suit, given their inability to get someone to come and survey the site on the arranged day, or get an installation completed and working.

At home, it all failed. I still have no charger, and won’t be getting one from ChargedEV.

At the office, we managed to get our installation working, but only after repeated installer visits and board replacements. But we never got our RFID cards from ChargedEV. Luckily our Charge Your Car (CYC) RFID cards did work, so at least we were able to get some use out of an otherwise useless thing.

All in all, a terrible experience.