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Amazon supplies counterfeit goods, then rejects honest review

Amazon attempts censorship to suppress public reporting of counterfeit goods.

Windows 8? No thanks, I’d rather get on with some work…

How I tried Windows 8, and why I hated it.

VAT EC Sales Lists – red tape or revenue earner?

When my company first started to trade with EU countries outside the UK, we started to receive EC sales list forms from Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs. Stupidly, we didn’t really register that we had to do anything apart from… Continue Reading →

Plebgate: Policeman vs. MP Slugfest

OK, I’ve talked about the dire state of our economy, which is what should really matter to all of us, particularly those in power. But let’s look at that one incident which has caused so much jabber and the use… Continue Reading →

Cameron’s Economic Debacle is… OK, actually

So here’s a thing… you’re in a damaged vehicle at high speed… there’s an experienced driver at the wheel… and you tear him away from what he does best, replacing him with someone who smiles nicely but has never driven… Continue Reading →

Parking Tribunal Victory over Brighton & Hove City Council

For anyone fighting an unfair, unjustified or illegal PCN from Brighton & Hove City Council’s illustrious parking department, you may be interested to know that my appeal with the Parking Tribunal (now properly named the Traffic Penalty Tribunal) won by… Continue Reading →

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