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TomTom POI Computer Voice Shenanigans

Ok, so sometimes I get bored. Like if nothing happens for about two minutes. And when Jon gets bored, his mind begins to wonder… On one of my bored wanderings I wondered if I might be able to get my… Continue Reading →

Chat Bots, Artificial Intelligence and Techno-Geeks

Oh I just love technology. It’s all soooooo sweet the way it desperately tries to please us, like an overenthusiastic puppy that covers you in canine saliva and humps your leg energetically. Actually of course it’s the techno-geeks who create… Continue Reading →

Yes We Have No Bananas – well actually we do

Many years ago, when I was still a teenager, I decided to translate the lyrics of a song. The only language I knew at the time apart from my mother-tongue English was a smattering of school French. But nonetheless I… Continue Reading →

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