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The British Engineerium remembered

The British Engineerium was the creation of one man, and his ability to lead others on a journey. That one man was Jonathan Minns, and my father and I were among the first of the others. We first met Jonathan… Continue Reading →

Another Brighton & Hove City Council Parking Cockup

Today is Sunday. The parking restrictions on my road are clearly displayed as Mon-Fri noon-1pm. There are very faded, patchy single & double yellow lines which haven’t been repainted for years, and a few months ago there were Council notices… Continue Reading →

Testing the Parking Tribunal

After I reported my parking ticket woes in my post entitled Brighton & Hove Parking – A Criminal Racket in Disguise, I appealed the PCN and got a rejection notice from the Council. No surprise there – after all they… Continue Reading →

Brighton & Hove Parking – criminal racket in disguise

In a week when my car was unceremoniously seriously injured by a motorist (thanks, Mr Farmer) who blamed me (the oncoming traffic) after he thought it’d be ok to execute a right turn across the carriageway from a stationary, parked… Continue Reading →

One Hour’s Parking for the Price of Two

This unadvertised special offer from Brighton & Hove City Council occurred on… yes you guessed it, April 1st. So how many others received PCNs (Penalty Charge Notices) erroneously? How much has it all cost to sort out? Just to explain,… Continue Reading →

Transport Solutions in a Flash of Inspiration

Sometimes, just occasionally, inspiration comes along and in a flash you have the answer to a whole raft of problems, all at once. It was a bit like that for me one morning as I fought my way up the… Continue Reading →

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