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The British Engineerium remembered

The British Engineerium was the creation of one man, and his ability to lead others on a journey. That one man was Jonathan Minns, and my father and I were among the first of the others. We first met Jonathan… Continue Reading →

Windows 8? No thanks, I’d rather get on with some work…

How I tried Windows 8, and why I hated it.

Achieving Greatness is a Thing of the Past

All we were promised for the future… and what have we actually achieved in the last forty years? Are you one of the disappointed generation?

Belkin – probably the worst brand in the world

Just a quick public information notice: Belkin makes the most unreliable, poorly designed, unmitigated rubbish in the world. It’s true. I have owned several items by Belkin, none of which has ever worked properly, and have always given them the… Continue Reading →

Chat Bots, Artificial Intelligence and Techno-Geeks

Oh I just love technology. It’s all soooooo sweet the way it desperately tries to please us, like an overenthusiastic puppy that covers you in canine saliva and humps your leg energetically. Actually of course it’s the techno-geeks who create… Continue Reading →

Rising Technophobia

I used to get most frustrated with people. People are, after all, apt to do things that prevent our own smooth motion through existence. Don’t get me wrong, they can be fabulous too; but by and large, frustrating. These days… Continue Reading →

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