46 minutes to get through to a human being to get something done that isn’t offered by the British Gas HomeCare portal website. That’s Customer Disdain, not Customer Service.

I used British Gas HomeCare to cover my central heating boiler at home and at my one rental property. I bought the cover for convenience at a time when there wasn’t so much competition in the market. I saw the premium prices rise rapidly over a couple of years to silly money. Add to that the appalling service, and I decided to make the effort to switch.

Here’s my TrustPilot review:

If you love listening to bad musak and a recorded voice with patronising helpful home-care hints for the best part of an hour, open an account with British Gas HomeCare and call them on a Saturday. It really is the best way to waste precious moments of your life. Add misdiagnosis of faults, repeat “engineer” visits to fix what wasn’t fixed the first time, and a price that’s higher than anyone else in the market, and you’re sure to enjoy the terrible service offered by British Gas. Alas, I didn’t, so I switched to another provider.