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Some of the recipes I’ve created & collected. You’re welcome to try cooking them, modify them as you wish, reinvent them completely, use them as inspiration, or just go “pah” and cook something else. But if you do use my recipe, please take the time to comment and share!

Ratatouille Recipe

The recipe for the Provençal classic presented here in clear, simple form, recreated with a passion for simple ingredients combining to make something that’s much, much more than the sum of its parts.

Tomato and Boursin Pasta Sauce

Tomato & marscapone sauce is one of our family favourites, as is the soft garlic cream cheese known as Boursin, so when we noticed we had a large surplus of Boursin in the fridge, the solution was obvious… let’s see… Continue Reading →

Satay Roast Chicken

Chicken – everyone’s favourite dinosaur, fantastic staple for feeding loads of people, so versatile, but gets a bit boring, doesn’t it? Well, when you fancy doing something a bit different… here it is. This recipe is remarkable mostly because I conceived… Continue Reading →

General Purpose Tomato Based Pasta Sauce

The Recipe This is a great, general-purpose pasta sauce. It should be rich and full-flavoured, thickened by the process of reduction and the pectin in the tomatoes rather than any added thickeners. It should not be hurried – it is… Continue Reading →

Jon’s Chicken & Chilli Risotto

This recipe is just a modification of the classic porcini risotto. Method Follow the porcini risotto recipe, omitting the mushrooms and replacing with diced chicken breast fried in a little olive oil with sliced red chillis (to taste). For the… Continue Reading →

Jon’s Mushroom/Porcini Risotto (al Funghi)

The Risotto A good risotto is made with love, and takes all your attention. Don’t be tempted to rush it by adding too much liquid at a time. Add the liquid ladle by ladle, just enough to make the mixture… Continue Reading →

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