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Satay Roast Chicken

Chicken – everyone’s favourite dinosaur, fantastic staple for feeding loads of people, so versatile, but gets a bit boring, doesn’t it? Well, when you fancy doing something a bit different… here it is. This recipe is remarkable mostly because I conceived… Continue Reading →

Jon’s Chicken & Chilli Risotto

This recipe is just a modification of the classic porcini risotto. Method Follow the porcini risotto recipe, omitting the mushrooms and replacing with diced chicken breast fried in a little olive oil with sliced red chillis (to taste). For the… Continue Reading →

Bolognese Sauce or Ragu

The Standard British Bolognese Sauce is a travesty, a mere shadow of the original, exquisitely rich, almost solid sauce. So here’s my version of the classic Ragu. Oh, and anyone who thinks this word is even slightly trademarkable, get lost… Continue Reading →

Sweet and Sour Quorn (or Pork or Chicken)

If you serve this up at a dinner party, it’ll be the first to go. Make sure it’s a course by itself, served only with someĀ fried rice or chow mein (fried soft noodles), because everything else will be ignored. Ingredients… Continue Reading →

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