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Sorry, not sorry

The world of customer service seems to be obsessed with “sorry”. It’s a word uttered so often and so ubiquitously, it’s become meaningless. If every “sorry” was accompanied by an act of contrition, for example £1, I’d have made at… Continue Reading →

Santander Security Repeatedly Blocks Access

My online banking access keeps getting blocked by Santander for no explicable reason. This is the disingenuous message from the Santander online banking website… “For security reasons”… so did I get my credentials wrong? No. Did I do something bad?… Continue Reading →

Windows 8? No thanks, I’d rather get on with some work…

How I tried Windows 8, and why I hated it.

Parking Tribunal Victory over Brighton & Hove City Council

For anyone fighting an unfair, unjustified or illegal PCN from Brighton & Hove City Council’s illustrious parking department, you may be interested to know that my appeal with the Parking Tribunal (now properly named the Traffic Penalty Tribunal) won by… Continue Reading →

Graham White Solicitors, parking companies and the law

Got a “fine” from a private parking company? Being intimidated and threatened by solicitors and debt collectors? Don’t pay it. This is why.

One Hour’s Parking for the Price of Two

This unadvertised special offer from Brighton & Hove City Council occurred on… yes you guessed it, April 1st. So how many others received PCNs (Penalty Charge Notices) erroneously? How much has it all cost to sort out? Just to explain,… Continue Reading →

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