Oops. No updates since 2015! Well doesn’t life just get in the way.

Actually I’ve been concentrating on other things… like my business.

And of course feeling rather as if no amount of writing-it-all-down is going to provide any kind of catharsis against the dire backdrop of British politics over the last few years.

A single-policy government, barely in control; Brexit dominating everything; a general political swing towards the far-right; xenophobia and islamophobia rife; continuing austerity foisted upon those lease able to cope; the rich/poor divide ever greater; and homelessness and povert at record levels.

Depressing, isn’t it.

However I was kicked back into action by a friend’s plight at the hands of an over-aggressive private parking company and her utter confusion about her rights and responsibilities.

Hang on a moment, I wrote an article all about that back in 2011… it can’t still be a problem. Can it? In Britain, it can. The government has singularly failed to govern. Rogue companies are still flouting the law and using intimidation to make money from frightened people who feel powerless to take a stand, and ignorant of the law.

So that’s why I’m back, why I’ve reinstated my blog with all its old content, and why I’ll try to keep it updated and fresh from now on.

If you have been, thanks for reading.