I wanted to like it, I really did. But Windows 8 promised much and delivered only disappointment. Windows 7 is much better, and is going back on all my PCs.

Here’s the new features of Windows 8:

  1. A confusing start menu
  2. The inability to perform a single search across all documents, and data stored in Outlook and OneNote.
  3. Faster startup

In other words, Microsoft is inviting its users to:

  1. Spend money on a new operating system
  2. Spend time and money installing a new operating system
  3. Wave bye-bye to a remarkably useful piece of business functionality, thus making one’s working life less efficient

No thanks, Microsoft. Seriously, it’s OK. You do it if you want to, I’ll just stick with this much more useful set of stuff you used to offer me, when you appeared to care how efficiently I worked.

And what does Microsoft have to say on the matter? Essentially this… “people didn’t use it, so we removed it”.

So much for intelligence… in both senses of the word.