£6 for a sandwich. No, this isn’t one of those posh sandwiches where you can hardly get your face around the thing which is held together with a cocktail stick with a chef’s hat on, where its gourmet credentials are incontrovertible and where the experience leaves you with a smile on your face for days. No, this is a £6 piece of crap. Where? Clacket Lane Services on the M25. A motorway service station. Glad to see rip-off Britain is alive and well and living in Kent. (Except exactly the same sort of prices were observed recently at Gatwick Airport)

If this was Italy, you could pull off the road and have a gorgeous, tasty, nutritious meal for that amount of money. Even in France a great sandwich at a motorway service station wouldn’t cost more than that. In Spain it’s a similar story, except that the roads would also put Britain’s roads to shame.

Why on earth do we bother living here in the UK? Buggered if I know. Unfortunately for me it was bad planning. Fortunately, I have an escape plan due to swing into action within the next 10 years.