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Kafevend puts it right

Sometimes I get great service from a company and I’ll write about it. When I find serious fault with a company, I tend to report it on here too. If that company demonstrably puts things right, I tend to report that as well. Alas, that doesn’t happen very often. But recently I had a call from Mr John Collins, Managing Director of Kafevend Group Ltd who claimed that my previous report on Kafevend – an incident involving criminal fraud on the part of Kafevend’s sales staff – had been fully investigated and dealt with. So I allowed Mr Collins to come and tell me the story.

John Collins is clearly a chap who cares about his business. He proudly showed me numerous testimonials from satisfied customers, and post-installation questionnaires indicating a high percentage of customer satisfaction. He explained the awful chemical taste we’d had from our machine, and assured me that it was harmless albeit rather embarrassing.

I know just how hard it is, when a company expands, to ensure that those further down the hierarchy share the same vision as those at the top. I have no doubt that John Collins was truly horrified when he heard about the salesman forging my signature on the contracts; the salesman was dismissed, of course; but I’m more impressed to learn that his manager also departed the company. I doubt that the salesman could ever have thought it possible to achieve a binding contract position through a forged signature without the collusion of his direct line manager… the manager who had suggested that I was in a binding contract by default because the “trial period” had expired, and who didn’t exactly apologise about the forgery.

We questioned Mr Collins about the steps he had taken to ensure that this sort of thing never happens again. Apart from the dismissals, there wasn’t really anything new and concrete, but he was at pains to explain the procedures that are and were already in place to prevent mistakes happening. Sadly they didn’t stop one or two individuals who thought they could boost their sales commissions by forcing companies into contracts through criminal fraud. Although during the period when my blog report I didn’t receive any reports from others who had experienced the same treatment, Mr Collins did admit that there was another similar case from elsewhere in the country. However I can well believe that Mr Collins and his fellow directors will now be watching like hawks over their staff, and jumping hard on anyone who thinks that they can bring the good name of the business into disrepute.

Hence I am satisfied that the problem is now fixed, and have taken down the original posting and redirected it to this one.


  1. Jack Cade

    Hey you wern’t the only one stitched up by Kafevend recently a kids nursery in Scotland were being chased for nearly £5k on a drinks contract until their MD sorted that misunderstanding out as well!

  2. tony hinder


    I would like to back up MR Collins on this, i worked for this company sometime back in the sales department, and i have to say even some years on, this is one of the most professional vending companies you could meet, the directors and managers are very focused on sales and CRM, i know that the directors would not want for these happenings at all, i also know that this will be stamped out from the management, even though it is some 8 years on and i have moved on myself to directing multi million USD companies in Dubai i still have the up most respect for the management at this company, Regards tony Hinder

  3. Alan

    I can’t believe it, I thought I was the only person who has suffered at the hands of Kafevend…
    I was visited in 2011 by a salesman who promised “cooling off periods” “sales of the century” etc. and even told “the machine will pay for itself” when told I have no authority to sign without committee consent he said “its fine its all be cleared by finance, if the committee don’t agree you can send it straight back” now I understand I should not have signed, we’re always wiser after the event, however, this salesman did not leave off the pressure, and he was not a small man either and “no” was not the answer he had intentions of leaving with.
    I have tried everything to have this contract cancelled and now I am being told “there are no cooling off periods” and better still “if there was it’s expired now.”
    I found out that the contract I was presented with has been tampered with by Kafevend, although it seems harmless they have given me a position of authority and printed my name to confirm. Needless to say this is now heading down the route of court action for fraud…
    Amazing that 2+ years on and promises it wont happen etc. its still going on and all in the name of sales…beautiful company ethics…NOT!

  4. Alan

    I have to update this note as Kafevend have been more than supportive to put right this misunderstanding.
    It is sad that I commented on Kafevend before actually speaking with them in person to put right what I/we felt was wrong.
    Kafevend do not wish anyone misery and from the report of the nursery story mentioned I found this too was put right in favour of the nursery.

    Today I received a phone call from Kafevend, very patient considering my comments above and in emails, the matter has promised to be resolved. I offered to meet halfway but was told it’s covered…does that sound like a company out to make money? I don’t think so.

    For my previous comments I wish it to be noted that Kafevend have been very patient and understanding in this matter.

    To Kafevend I apologise for making the earlier comment and wish all readers to note that should ever their be an issue, talk with them directly they’re more than happy, and professional, to assist you.

    My apologies and gratitude to all at Kafevend

  5. Jeffrey

    @ Alan
    I was also told by a Kafevend salesman about a colling off period and with this in mind, started with a small machine. It did not work out and when I called Kafevend, I was told the salesman had left the company and I was stuck with the contract to pay thousands for 5 years. Very disappointed.

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