As Homer Simpson once said, “I know they’re all God’s creatures, but why did he have to make them all so tasty!?”.

I like eating dead animals. However they taste much better if they were happy animals during life. I think Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall is doing a fabulous job with his Chicken Out campaign in the face of bigoted opposition from parts of the media, the supermarkets, and those idiots in the pub spending their £12kpa on beer & fags.

So much better than the Channel 4 Dispatches programme on the truth about your food or somesuch unadulterated crap, where they decided their conclusion in advance and then did their best to fit the “facts” to support it. They give journalism a bad name.

Anyway, back to chicken. My local ASDA stocks not a single item containing free-range chicken. What am I to do, ASDA? I’d like to buy the products I want, and so would all my friends, but you simply don’t stock them. So… byeeeee!

Choice Butchers in Preston Drove, Brighton… now there’s a likely supplier. Mind you, Sainsburys is doing pretty well, for a supermarket chain. Watch out, Tesco & ASDA… ignore the consumer at your peril.