While you’re reading my various writings you might be sitting there thinking, in the back of your mind, about the impending doom of Christmas and what that means. You’ll be starting to panic about what to buy Auntie Enid, what to get for Grandma, what to buy your Brother’s family and what to get your husband or wife. Somehow the usual array of smellies, socks, underwear and humorous books seems inadequate. So… here I am with a solution. In a fit of shameless self-publicity, I strongly urge you to try something from my very own Southdown Studio for the one you love.

For example, for the Aunts and Grandmas, how about a family portrait shoot? Get them a lovely photo of you and the family printed on canvas. For your brother and his family, get them a gift voucher for a family shoot instead. For the budding photographer, try buying them a gift voucher for private photography tuition. You can even purchase and collect gift vouchers up to and including Christmas Eve.

There, that wasn’t so painful was it. Especially useful for the completely useless Christmas shoppers amongst us.