Tiscali UK Ltd’s debt collectors blindly march in to collect “the debt without a cause”So now the debt collectors are involved. Tiscali UK Ltd still stubbornly insists that it was supplying broadband to the same number at the same time as TalkTalk Business. This is, of course, impossible. Even so, Tiscali UK Limited has now passed the fictitious debt to their debt collectors Fredrickson International Limited. A chap at Fredrickson suggested that I should go to the effort of putting my objections in writing, so here it is: not really what they had in mind, but here it is in black and white. Well, if I’m going to spend my valuable time documenting things, it might as well be somewhere visible.

I really can’t wait to drag this one through the courts. I just wonder how many countless others they’ve done this to, who’ll just shut up and pay up. There is a law against it in this country though… but of course it wouldn’t even occur to anybody in authority that a company like Tiscali UK Ltd was acting illegally, would it?

Later that day… Tiscali has withdrawn the claim and has finally agreed to pay back 3 months’ service fees for the appalling loss-of-service fiasco of 2005! A victory for common sense… but a long time coming.