Oh dear. Oh dearie dearie me. Another U2 song wrecked by someone who doesn’t really get the idea of real passion or soul. Thanks Mary J Bilge – oh, sorry, Mary J Blige. Yet another Mariah Carey lookalike. Someone who can’t stick to the tune, or even sing a single note of it. Someone who can’t bear to allow one moment of well-crafted, thoughtfully arranged, skilfully played instrumental melody to pass without being obliterated by her wailing, the awfulness of which makes me want to put her out of my misery without further delay. Someone who can’t understand why she should sing one note when 20 will do. And that’s soulful, is it? No, it’s crap. Sad that U2 has lost so much faith in its own music that it has to ride on the back of someone like that. Get back to writing and performing, Bono, it’s what you do best.