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Plebgate: Policeman vs. MP Slugfest

OK, I’ve talked about the dire state of our economy, which is what should really matter to all of us, particularly those in power. But let’s look at that one incident which has caused so much jabber and the use… Continue Reading →

Cameron’s Economic Debacle is… OK, actually

So here’s a thing… you’re in a damaged vehicle at high speed… there’s an experienced driver at the wheel… and you tear him away from what he does best, replacing him with someone who smiles nicely but has never driven… Continue Reading →

forces-war-records.co.uk – misleading search results entice signups

What happened when I went looking for military records and found a likely looking lead…

NatWest Bank Cockup Leaves 1000s Penniless

A scoop… I discovered a major NatWest systems failure hours before it was reported in the media! 🙂

HDNL – the worst courier company in the UK?

As an Amazon Prime member I reckon 30% of my orders are delivered late thanks to one thing – HDNL/Yodel. Goods are despatched on time, yet somehow once they get into the hands of HDNL it all goes wrong. Even… Continue Reading →

Inspirational leadership for dark times

In 1941, with Europe under the rule of Hitler’s Nazi Germany, Winston Churchill sent out a message to all those who awaited or fought for the end of tyranny. It wasn’t a long message, or one that was particularly full… Continue Reading →

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