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Caroline Lucas advocates civil disobedience to recognise mums

MPs in general are out of touch and tied up in tangles of protocol and parliamentary procedure; fortunately not all of them though. On Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour this week, something brilliant happened. Being discussed was the proposal that mothers… Continue Reading →

PetPlan Sales Call Centre Madness

Having accepted a month’s free PetPlan cover for our two new kittens, I received a call on my mobile number one Saturday morning from an Indian lady calling from the PetPlan Sales call centre. She told me the name of one… Continue Reading →

Why do religious types get atheism so wrong?

James is destined to become an Anglican vicar, and currently works in a Christian mission. He posted this on Facebook the week after Stephen Fry’s now famous encounter with Irish broadcaster Gay Byrne, who asked him the question “What would… Continue Reading →

Amazon supplies counterfeit goods, then rejects honest review

Amazon attempts censorship to suppress public reporting of counterfeit goods.

Demystifying Fire-Lighting

Fire is something we’ve lost touch with. We just don’t need to be that closely associated with it any more. In our modern world we burn fossil fuels rather than wood, because it’s so much easier to light volatile hydrocarbons… Continue Reading →

Biolite Camp Stove: a long-term user review

I bought a Biolite camp stove just over a year ago for my camping trips, but it’s had a lot more use than I ever envisaged. Buying the grill attachment made it even more useful. I’ve had to learn various… Continue Reading →

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