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Happy Chicken = Tasty Chicken

As Homer Simpson once said, “I know they’re all God’s creatures, but why did he have to make them all so tasty!?”. I like eating dead animals. However they taste much better if they were happy animals during life.

Rising Technophobia

I used to get most frustrated with people. People are, after all, apt to do things that prevent our own smooth motion through existence. Don’t get me wrong, they can be fabulous too; but by and large, frustrating. These days… Continue Reading →

The Name’s BILGE – Mary J BILGE

Oh dear. Oh dearie dearie me. Another U2 song wrecked by someone who doesn’t really get the idea of real passion or soul. Thanks Mary J Bilge – oh, sorry, Mary J Blige. Yet another Mariah Carey lookalike. Someone who… Continue Reading →

Absolute Power

Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Is the current terrorist threat being used as an excuse for the state to gain more and more control over our everyday lives, through the UK’s police forces? Should power be given to those who want it? Is our democracy threatened by dark forces, and are we too blind to see from whence the real darkness originates?

Brighton & Hove City Council – What a Load of Rubbish

and Hove City Council has been tinkering again, all in the pursuit of saving money. Unfortunately service levels have dropped to the point where the Council Tax is an insult. Read on…

Ignorance, Rank Stupidity and the Perpertuation of Myths

On Sunday 16th May 2004 eight people tragically died in a horrific crash on the A23 north of Brighton. As if this wasn’t bad enough, the subsequent press coverage insulted their memories and the intelligence of an entire nation. Why can’t we have intelligent journalists? Do they all have to be ignorant, oafish, inarticulate scribblers, clumsily blundering through news events seemingly not caring about who or what issues they damage? Read on…

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