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The Future of Air Travel – Someday, All Flights Will Be Made This Way

I love taking my shoes off at the end of a busy day. It’s the first thing I do when visiting my friends’ houses. But through the airport security, when I’m already being made to carry my outdoor coat, having… Continue Reading →

Secret Diary of A Christmas Humbug

0800 GMT: Yay it’s Christmas Day. I’m alone because my girlfriend is working today, and this year my sons are with their mum for Christmas day. I am going to make it a really good one.

Chat Bots, Artificial Intelligence and Techno-Geeks

Oh I just love technology. It’s all soooooo sweet the way it desperately tries to please us, like an overenthusiastic puppy that covers you in canine saliva and humps your leg energetically. Actually of course it’s the techno-geeks who create… Continue Reading →

A Job for Salesman or No Man

I went for a sort of job interview the other day. Yes I already have several jobs and I’m very happy with them, but an old friend and colleague was wanting me back working for his new company, an international… Continue Reading →

Terrorism, governments and fear: the results

Very interesting results from the survey I’ve had on my web site for a while…

Father and Sons

My sons keep talking to me in a language I don’t quite understand. I seem to have developed a catchphrase: “I see… I think.” which pretty well sums up how I feel. I understand the words, it’s the concepts I… Continue Reading →

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