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NatWest Bank Cockup Leaves 1000s Penniless

A scoop… I discovered a major NatWest systems failure hours before it was reported in the media! 🙂

HDNL – the worst courier company in the UK?

As an Amazon Prime member I reckon 30% of my orders are delivered late thanks to one thing – HDNL/Yodel. Goods are despatched on time, yet somehow once they get into the hands of HDNL it all goes wrong. Even… Continue Reading →

Parking Tribunal Victory over Brighton & Hove City Council

For anyone fighting an unfair, unjustified or illegal PCN from Brighton & Hove City Council’s illustrious parking department, you may be interested to know that my appeal with the Parking Tribunal (now properly named the Traffic Penalty Tribunal) won by… Continue Reading →

Graham White Solicitors, parking companies and the law

Got a “fine” from a private parking company? Being intimidated and threatened by solicitors and debt collectors? Don’t pay it. This is why.

Another Brighton & Hove City Council Parking Cockup

Today is Sunday. The parking restrictions on my road are clearly displayed as Mon-Fri noon-1pm. There are very faded, patchy single & double yellow lines which haven’t been repainted for years, and a few months ago there were Council notices… Continue Reading →

Testing the Parking Tribunal

After I reported my parking ticket woes in my post entitled Brighton & Hove Parking – A Criminal Racket in Disguise, I appealed the PCN and got a rejection notice from the Council. No surprise there – after all they… Continue Reading →

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