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UK Web Hosting Companies – expensive, unhelpful and arrogant

Why does it cost so much more to get good quality web-hosting in the UK?

SMS.AC – WARNING – don’t be caught out!

Please beware of a web site called “” ( – it’s someone’s bright idea of how to make money from YOU without you even realising until it’s too late. They lure you in to joining their “community”, and end up… Continue Reading →

Tiscali – Incompetence Pays

Recently I got Tiscali Business Broadband for my company. Bad mistake. They mistakenly branded us a “high-usage” customer and cut us off. But they didn’t release the line, so my company was without internet access for weeks. They didn’t stop taking our money though. Read the full story.

Barclays – Fluent in Finance, Pig-Ignorant in Customer Service

Call-centres – we all hate them – but the banks seem to have taken it upon themselves to make the call-centre experience a particularly sour one. Poor training? Poor management? I don’t think so… Profit is where it’s at, and at the customers’ expense. Read on…

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