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YO! Sushi Brighton vs. Moshi Moshi Brighton

15th September 2008: It was a Monday evening in Brighton, it was getting late for dinner, and we fancied sushi. Moshi Moshi would have been our usual destination, but being closed on Mondays we remembered YO! Sushi in Jubilee Street and decided to give it a try. Perhaps a little glimpse at the competition might … Continue reading YO! Sushi Brighton vs. Moshi Moshi Brighton

Price Explosion Madness

£6 for a sandwich. No, this isn’t one of those posh sandwiches where you can hardly get your face around the thing which is held together with a cocktail stick with a chef’s hat on, where its gourmet credentials are incontrovertible and where the experience leaves you with a smile on your face for days. … Continue reading Price Explosion Madness