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General Purpose Tomato Based Pasta Sauce

The Recipe This is a great, general-purpose pasta sauce. It should be rich and full-flavoured, thickened by the process of reduction and the pectin in the tomatoes rather than any added thickeners. It should not be hurried – it is best when it has taken hours of cooking. Serve by tossing freshly boiled pasta with … Continue reading General Purpose Tomato Based Pasta Sauce

Jon’s Mushroom/Porcini Risotto (al Funghi)

The Risotto A good risotto is made with love, and takes all your attention. Don’t be tempted to rush it by adding too much liquid at a time. Add the liquid ladle by ladle, just enough to make the mixture “sloppy” again. The final consistency you’re aiming for is soft, creamy and quite wet, with … Continue reading Jon’s Mushroom/Porcini Risotto (al Funghi)

Ursula Ferrigno’s Prune & Chocolate Bread

This bread is wonderful – our friends and family seem to think so too. We discovered it in the excellent “90s Vegetarian” by Ursula Ferrigno, ISBN 1 85391 309 X published 1994 by Merehurst Ltd. Make it vegan by substituting something vegan for the butter, and omitting the egg. The Recipe Ursula: “I adore prunes … Continue reading Ursula Ferrigno’s Prune & Chocolate Bread

Mediterranean Garbanzo (Chickpea) Casserole

Garbanzos, or chickpeas, are commonly used in many Mediterranean countries to make hearty and filling casseroles. This one is something I dreamt up when my wife had soaked & cooked chickpeas for houmous but we were missing some of the ingredients. Ingredients 3 onions, roughly chopped 1 red pepper, chopped 1 yellow pepper, chopped 3 … Continue reading Mediterranean Garbanzo (Chickpea) Casserole