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Jon - Double Vision
Jon – Double Vision

My name is Jon. I’m a male hominid of the species Homo Sapiens, which is currently the dominant species and the one causing the most damage to the climate and ecosystems of the planet Earth, a little rocky planet about 4 billion years old, orbiting a very ordinary small yellow star in a relatively quiet backwater of the Milky Way galaxy. I spend my time caring for my children, each of whom carries one half of my genes, and being a photographer, writer and technology consultant. My patient, long-suffering, lovely wife also seems to think I’m worth spending time with, which is nice. I’m coming up to around half way through my natural life expectancy, having travelled well over forty orbits of the star whose solar system we inhabit, so there’s plenty still to do. If you’re still reading this, then thank you for the patience and curiosity that got you this far, and for taking the trouble to read my words. They are, of course, of no consequence in the grand scheme of things, but writing them helped me spend some of my time productively, and I hope they help you in some way.

Politically I’m a sort of apolitical humanist rationalist. I find myself unable to support any political party that doesn’t have a strong leader with long term political vision – which rules them all out really. I loathe the negativity of our press, and the inability of journalists to report the truly important issues when there’s something more juicy or sensationalist on offer. Let’s face it, they can’t even work out who’s truly to blame for most things. I despair at the apathetic acceptance by my fellow man-in-the-street of inadequate politicians, shoddy customer service, and corporate dominance over both government and society. I live in Brighton, which until recently was part of the administrative region of East Sussex in England.

As I hinted earlier, I’m an award-winning freelance photographer and photograph all manner of things; I particularly like photographing weddings. I also own a big photography studio where you can have your photography done, as well as hiring the studio or learning photography from me. I co-own IT consultancy company JFDI Consulting, serving SMEs and corporates, and going from strength to strength as one of the few Microsoft Gold Certified Partners in Brighton & Sussex. Personally I’m qualified as a Microsoft MCITP and MCPD in SharePoint Server 2010, and am a Microsoft Certified Trainer too. I have also been a freelance writer since 1989, writing for many UK & international newspapers and periodicals under several pseudonyms. I now write for several prominent blogs and an array of international publications centred around politics, corporate exploitation of consumers and other consumer issues.

In my spare time I cook, study bushcraft, fly radio controlled VTOL craft, scuba dive, ski and cycle.

If you have been, thanks for reading.

Last updated 9th March 2014

7 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hi Jon,

    As an important Brighton foodie I wanted to let you know about our food and drink festival taking place on May 16th and 17th 2009. The event features demonstrations from Brighton’s top chefs including Sam Metcalfe of Seven Dials and Sam’s Place, Peter Bohannon of English’s and Richard Eldon of Blanch House as well as food and drink masterclasses and a market of speciality producers. I would like to offer your readers a special 3 for 2 ticket offer (tickets normally £6) call see tickets 0871 230 7144 – let me know if you are interested. Best wishes

  2. Might I point out that, when you say the planet has completed at least forty orbits of the Sun, this is of course measured in an arbitrary denary numbering system arising from the natural coincidence of us happening to have ten fingers/thumbs. It thus constantly amazes me how people think it’s a big deal when the major digit of the aforementioned number, which I believe is known as age, increases by one major digit.

  3. Hello Jon, Great blog just spent the last few hours reading through it and really enjoyed it. Infact it has inspired me to start my own, do you have any tips on how to go about it and start one up? Can you recommend any sites to host my blog that are preferably free? I look forward to you next entry. Regards Paul

    1. Many many thanks for your kind words Paul… I’m glad my brain-dumps appeal to someone! I’d recommend WordPress – it’s great software, they’ll host it for you under their or your domain name, and it’s pretty trouble free and very capable. Let me know when you do and I’ll come and read yours! :)

  4. Jon,

    I read your piece about Brighton and Hove parking. Am having a bit of a contra with them myself and just on principal am buggered if Im going to let them get away with this.
    So – if you have a moment perhaps you can tell me the outcome of yours, and if by any chance you took legal action.

    Many thanks, Anna

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